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Like most pad controllers, the QuNeo gives you 16 pads to play with. However, each of the QuNeo's pads gives you continuous pressure response and X-Y control as well as 127 levels of velocity sensitivity. That means you can use a pad to trigger a note on a soft synth, control its pitch bend with the Y axis, modulation with the X axis, and level with continuous pressure... 16 times over. But thats not all. The QuNeo also gives you a pair of rotary sensors (complete with angle, pressure, and radius sensitivity), which you can use for anything from scrubbing to scratching and more. Add to that multi-touch sliders and smart switches, and you're never going to run out of available controls when you perform with your Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo.

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• Powerful, flexible multi-touch programmable control surface you can use with any MIDI-controllable gear
• Layered multi-purpose control sections let you take hold of a vast number of individual continuous controllers at once
• 16 x drum-style pads provide full velocity sensitivity, X-Y position sensing, and continuous pressure detection
• 2 x rotary sensors detect angle, pressure, and distance from center, providing you with intuitive control over DJ decks, jog wheels, and other complex parameters
• 9 x multi-touch sliders give you multiple operation modes, including tap, two-finger, and fader-style control
• A series of programmable switches let you select samples, fader banks, and transport controls
• 251 x multicolor LEDs provide extensive visual feedback, including VU monitoring behind the multi-touch sliders
• Small footprint allows you to store your QuNeo easily in your backpack or laptop case
• Designed to fit in many iPad accessories, such as mic stand adapters and cases
• USB bus provides power and connectivity via USB, class-compliant MIDI over USB, or OSC
• Compatible with KMI's MIDI Expander USB to MIDI adapter
• Development kit and API available for anyone who wants to create their own code to respond to QuNeo's sensor data


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