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The Wobbulator: the add-on device to your existing laser projector that enables lumia, scan-through effects, and diffraction.

This is a bolt-on device that attaches to the front of your projector just in front of the aperture, using the shutter mounting holes for attachment. If your projector has no shutter, we provide a velcro-based kit using industrial-strength adhesive to attach the Wobbulator to your projector. The velcro makes it removable for packing, etc..

Some of you saw the Wobbulator demo'ed at ILDA last November - and now I finally have this in production.

Price is $600 USD, plus shipping. This includes a lumia disk, PSU, and cable. The strap-on kit is an extra $25.

Additional discs with varying amounts of wobbulation and a diffraction grating will be available soon.

The system uses magnetic mounts to make exchanging discs easy.




The Wobbulator: the add-on device to your existing laser projector that enables lumia, scan-through effects, and diffraction.

Product Details

Product ID: V25-Wobbulator
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Price: $600.00
Dimensions (W x H x L) 4.00 x 2.25 x 5.90
Weight: 3.00 lbs
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Condition New - New

How do I get my Wobbulator?
Once an order is placed, you will be contacted by us so that we may find out what projector you use so that we may customise the mounts for your projector.  When we are ready to ship, we will contact you for shipping options and shipping cost.

How is the Wobbulator Mounted onto a laser projector?
The Wobbulator bolts onto the screw holes meant for the front shutter on your projector. As all projector manufacturers have different placement for their screw holes, we may need you to measure your projector and provide us with the dimensioning. We are working on building up a database of projectors and their mounts; at the least, we need the make and model of your projector when you order. If your projector has no mounting holes, we are working on a strap-on design that uses velcro straps.

What Kind of Motor and Speed Controller is involved?
The motor is a DC gear motor, rated for 12VDC. This produces lumia that is rather fast out of the box, but may be needed for certain circumstances. Each Wobbulator is equipped with a PWM power supply unit (PSU), which can be used to slow down the motor to maximum effect. We recommend running it as slow as possible.

You can experiment with different settings to get the effect you want, including frenetic way-too-fast full tilt. Note that the motor sometimes won’t start up properly when it is cold, and the speed is set all the way down – you may need to start higher setting and dial down as the motor is running.

What Are the Dimensions?
Baseplate Width: 101.6mm (4in)
Height: 149.2mm (5-7/8 in)
Depth (at the motor housing): 57.2mm (2-1/4 in)
Weight (with A disc): 514g (1lb. 2-1/8oz)
Total Package Weight (with PSU and cable): 935g (2lb 1oz)

*Shipping extra

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