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Phase Designs Specializes in quality 3d laser content/programming delivered for Pangolin Beyond and QS.
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Product offerings can be broken into 2 categories stock content and custom programming. Stock content, in the form "Content Packs" is aimed at laserists who don't want to invest in 3d software but would like newly developed cues that fit into a category. They are priced very low (approximately $1 per animated cues plus fees) because it is understood that buyers may not use all the cues. Do not request to be sold specific cues out of a Stock Content price as it will be the same price as buying the whole pack.
Laserists can request additional custom content based on a cue in a stock pack. For example: there is one cue of a jellyfish in a stock pack and the user needs a second cue at a different angle, has different colors and is longer. These modified stock cues are priced separately from the pack based on the complexity of the differences. Custom Programming is essential to Phase Designs' business and can be in the form of graphic, beam or combination shows. These products are substantially more expensive than stock content as the client has the ability to revise and is delivered the workspace that was used to develop the show. For custom projects please contact via email or message.

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Phase Designs laser content will be delivered via digital download. The download link is located on your receipt and it is valid for 7 days. The content can be downloaded twice from the same link. Do not redistribute content as freeware or resell content files. You paid for it ask other laserists to order their own content directly.

I will not share your information. I will retain your email to send you notices when new stock content is available.

Phase Design products that are digitally delivered are not returnable. No refunds will be given. Please download the FREE test frame and if you have additional questions about compatibility, please contact me. If you feel the content that inconsistent with the video on the product page, please let me know and I will make a correction if necessary.